Semi Round
Semi-Round Award
- 4 inch base price including etching
- 5 inch base price including etching
- 6 inch base price including etching
- Initial set up fee
- Text change fee per additional award as needed

The Semi-Round award is one of our most popular and economical awards. It is available in three sizes. The dimensions of the Semi-Round Award are 4” x 3.5”, 5” x 4.25” and 6” x 5”. The Semi-Rounds are available in Classic Clear, Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green.

To get started on your award, or for any questions, contact our Art Department at 888-291-9311 or

Semi-Round Awards         Semi-Round Awards

There is a one-time set up fee of $30.00 per award style and design.
A text change fee of $7.00 will apply if there are text or name changes on additional awards.

We do not charge for the color fill option of Silver or Gold.

We also have the ability to etch both sides of the glass. If you want this option it is an additional $10.00 per award.

Because our Awards are handcrafted, there may be slight variations in size.